10 Awesome, Creative and Memorable Wedding Guest Book Ideas

One of the most important thing at the advent of married life is the blessings and good words bestowed upon the couple by their friend, family and well wishers. The guest book is a definitely a way to capture those thoughts for ever. So you should not be considering these as mere pieces of paper. Proper positioning of your welcome table is very essential so that the guests who are coming in can conveniently see and utilize the space to leave their thoughts. Also keep in mind to keep the supplies(pens, glue, tapes, films etc) sufficient. And it is also necessary to keep a easy to follow guideline if your guest book approach is a bit tricky.

Here are a few of my preferred guest book concepts:

Classic Atlas:
Have your guests sign the pages of a classic roadway atlas, highlighting the cities they are taking a trip from or locations they understand the couple has an interest in checking out. Terrific concept for couples that have either a case of wanderlust or a gratitude of classic books.

Gardening Stones:
In lieu of a book, guests will each compose his or her name on a stone with irreversible marker. Have guests put the signed stones in a galvanized tub or container for you to carry house.

Monogram Guest Book:
Develop a wood monogram guests can sign; display screen it in your house after the wedding day. Purchase big wood letters (or produce your own with plywood and a jigsaw), and sand and paint them. Have guests sign them, utilizing irreversible markers in a color that appears well versus whatever shade you have actually painted the letters.

Globe Chalkboard:
When the rows of books are broken up with enjoyable knick-knacks and contemporary treasures, we like bookshelves. Utilize this blackboard painted globe as a guest book on your wedding for the guest to sign on them with white chalks, and after that decorate it on the racks in your den or office.

Coffee Mugs:
The coffee mug approach is also unique way to celebrate the love of coffee. Keep two coffee mugs with the pictures of the bride and the groom on each or simply labeling “His” and “Her”. Then the guests can just write their names or write two loving words on the body of the coffee mug with marker pens. Every day, both of you can then enjoy your cup of coffee in your truly personalized coffee cups. Nothing better to start the morning!!

You can print out a poster or simply draw one yourself with dimension of 11 by 14 inches minimum with your new surname written it in large letters. Just paint the borders of the block letters and keep the inside white so the guests can make a signature inside it. After the wedding this can be used as a nice wall display with sweet memories.

The Sweetest Dictionary:
Never ever fulfill a video game of Scrabble or a crossword puzzle that you could not control? Location colored felt-tip pins out with signs discussing that each guests must circle a word that explains the 2 of you, and then include a little note in the margin.

Using Washi Tapes and Polaroid Pictures:
Motivate your guests to make a conventional guest book entirely extraordinary by these superb idea! Place a Polaroid cam on your Guest book table so that the guests can take funny pictures and then paste it to the scrapbook with colorful Washi tapes. Utilize a scrapbook with lots of area for them to share stories, or assist them out with pre-written concerns at the top of each page.

Coasters For Advice:
It can never ever harm to have a little practical marital life advises from the experienced ones. Have a basket full of coasters which are blank on your welcome table so that the guests who come in, may leave their life advises and personal amusing memories. You’ll wind up utilizing these, specifically throughout the very first year as you are utilizing your wine glasses and getting settled into your marital life together.