3 Common Issues Which Should Not Prevent You To Practice Yoga

If you are one of those people who think Yoga is physically not suitable for you – well, think again. No matter what “condition” you are physically, there is always scope. Yoga is such a fantastic art that it can be pretty much suitable for anyone. Hence its rising popularity all over the world.

The reasons for negativity can be various. While some may be true; but, some may just be preconceived notion of the mind. One particular person may have an idea that his/her weight is not ideal. Some one else may imagine that his/her body flexibility is not good enough.

But, what we tend to forget, is that people practice Yoga, to get rid of their “issues” and not the other way round. So irrespective of what your idea about your own self is, worry not. Read on to find the most prevalent 3 reasons why people may think Yoga is not for them. Yet, it might be far from truth.

Am I Flexible Enough?

Sedentary Lifestyle is one of the common Yoga issuesPretty common one huh? Yes, it surely is. In this age of smartphones, life has become sedentary. For most people, the mode of entertainment is social networking these days. Which naturally results in extremely limited use of body muscles in general. This causes in shortening of tendons and ligaments thus limiting the flexibility of various joints.

Tried touching your toes, keeping your legs straight, lately?

It’s seems to be a heck of a difficult job isn’t it?

No wonders! But there is nothing to despair because the damage is definitely not beyond repair. And this is the most lame excuse possible, not to try Yoga.

On the contrary, Yoga will actually help to reverse this situation. Yoga is hugely known to help polishing the joint rusts with regular practice. But of course it needs to be kept in mind that the results cannot be expected in a week. It will come, but with a bit of resilience and patience and of course everyday practice.

Maybe, at the beginning a bit of assistance will be necessary. Like keeping two boxes on the ground and touching those instead. Then trying to hold the ankles. Likewise, with time, the end result can surely be achieved. So, have no doubt about the fact that if you are less flexible, then Yoga can actually be the best choice you have ever made.

Am I Overweight?

The truth of modern day is, there is a conspiracy going on. The conspiracy of consumerism. Food serving sizes have increased. Choices of junk food have increased, Streaming video, social media and video games have made out lives movement less.

So the obvious problem? Obesity.

More and more percentage of the general population are becoming obese as time advances. Well being overweight is another popular excuse to not try Yoga. Because the popular belief is that, Yoga poses are too difficult for people with excess weight. Nothing can be further from truth

The actual truth is that if you are holding those extra pounds, you might have to make some modifications to the poses. But that hardly matters because most beginners need to modify poses due to various reasons. Not any reason to worry at all. On the other hand, Yoga will eventually help you lose weight, increase your muscular strength and gift you a holistically satisfying life.

What If I am Sick?

Unfortunately there are several people who refrain from practicing Yoga due to some medical conditions. Some examples may have chronic conditions like respiratory problems, arthritis, constant fatigue etc. Well, it must be kept in mind that, there are many medical conditions which can benefit from Yoga. Regular practice will help alleviate the chronic symptoms.

For example it has been often seen that the painful symptoms of arthritis have been considerably reduced through practice of some specific Yoga poses. Another condition which is known to benefit from Yoga is chronic fatigue. Yoga assists in improvement of blood circulation, which in turn help to release of healthy hormones. This will result in a more positive feeling and improved vitality.

Even those undergoing chemotherapy are known to benefit from the good effects of Yoga. Of course the choice of the form of Yoga and routine will completely depend upon the health conditions and fitness levels. Professional medical advice should also be taken before starting with any Yoga regime.

Beginning with a very gentle routine will always be recommended which will be easy to learn and continue. It is also important to find a suitable and qualified Yoga instructor for authentic guidance.

So, keep away your laptops and smart phones for a while, shed your doubts and inhibitions and get started with Yoga today.