What Is Restorative Yoga and What Are Its Benefits

Yoga is fast becoming one of the major choice of exercise for everyone around the world, especially for women. It is not only a form physical workout but its meditative properties also make it unique. Beyond doubt Yoga is a big help in maintaining and improving overall health.

Yoga has developed over the years. It comes in different types such as Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram yoga or hot Yoga, Hatha yoga, Vinayasa Yoga and more. And one such renowned types of Yoga today is the Restorative Yoga. Restorative Yoga is a bit different from other common types of yoga. But its wide array of benefits may persuade you to perform this activity as a form of exercise. So let’s see what exactly is meant by Restorative Yoga.x

What Exactly Is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is a type of yoga that mostly consists of six positions. Also in this kind of yoga we see the abundant use of various kinds of props. This is the yoga that will bring you to a state of relaxation since it does not involve too much physically demanding postures.

The primary motive is to bring relaxation of the mind. This yoga will help you to get deeper into the state of relaxation through its meditative techniques. As a result you get the opportunity to rest both your body and mind. Usually, the props used for restorative yoga are bolsters, blankets, and yoga blocks. The main functions of these props are to that help in supporting the body while performing the poses.

What Are The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

These days, the choice of any particular workout type depends on its specific benefits towards individual needs. Benefits of Restorative Yoga are manifold and hence a growth of followers can be noticed throughout the world.

Here the 3 major benefits are listed below

Regulates The Nervous System

One of the benefits of restorative yoga is that it regulates the nervous system. This in turn calms the sympathetic system that experiences most of the stress in your body caused by work, financial problems, pressures, and more. The name of Restorative Yoga is not without a reason.

Because performing this helps restore normal state of the nervous system. It prevents the stress hormones to come out because the mind attains calmness through the different yoga poses and deep breathing associated with them.

benefits of restorative yogaBrings Deep Relaxation

More than physical, benefits of Restorative Yoga tend to be mental and spiritual. Deep relaxation is one of the direct effects of Restorative Yoga. This type of yoga may let you think that you are not doing much. But that’s where the trick lies. This actually helps in putting the mind at rest since it balances your inner organ functions and nervous system.

Which otherwise are mostly affected by stress and other problems of day to day lives. When you do restorative yoga, you can achieve a better sleep. That will help in enhancing your mental health and improves mental alertness. And that in turn prevents you from going through any kind of depression.

Improves Body Flexibility

When you perform yoga, the natural expectation is that you have to be flexible because you have to stretch your body. But hardly anyone comes molded that way. One of the benefits of Restorative Yoga is that it helps in improving your flexibility without risking your tendons and ligaments.

When executing the poses for this yoga, there is no need to go over the top or even over stress. Most of the Restorative Yoga poses are easy to perform and even people with stiff bodies can perform those without facing much difficulty.

These are the primary benefits of Restorative Yoga which is fast gaining popularity among masses. Yoga is always known to be a big help in improving the overall health. This is due to its holistic nature which does not only make the mental health achieve wellness; the physical health is also improved.

Restorative Yoga is one of the types of yoga that you can perform especially if you want to achieve a deep relaxation. And since you can perform this without over straining yourself much, regular practice will surely help you overcome stress.