Why Should You Practice Yoga If You Have Lower Back Pain

People who are physically active due to their nature of work are generally much better of in terms of health. But most are affected by a sedentary lifestyle. Due to office based job they need to sit at one place for a long time. Physical activity is almost nil throughout the day. Exercise is also mostly out of question due to hectic schedule.

Sounds familiar, right? Well, cost of progress, it seems. And health hazards are not unnatural in such a situation.

Let’s talk about a typical day for a typical corporate office professional.

She gets up in the morning, gets ready and jump in her car. Then drives for a considerable time.

She then walks a few paces from car park to building. Stands in the lift to go to the designated floor. Then again walks a few paces to her seat. And then sit there in that same place for the better part of the day.

At the end of the day, she drives back home. After arriving home, stressed and tired she hits the couch with smartphone in hand supposedly to “de-stress”

Sitting For Long Hours:

Well, the major reason for back pain is sitting for long hours. For better understanding a basic idea of the spinal chord structure is necessary.

The vertebra or the spinal chord is one of the most vital part of the body. It consists of small bones which lay separated by soft and spongy disc like structure. The discs between the bones are gel like, and acts as a lubricant. Mainly acting as cushion between the hard bones thus preventing them to rub against one another.

Staying in a sitting posture for too long wears the discs over time. Also frequent leaning front or back, for extended period can also result in the discs to be displaced. And that in turn can result in serious misalignment of this protective layer of tissue. When this happens, the normal functioning of the discs are hampered. They also tend to get inflamed and swollen. At that point pain sensations start occurring.

Now, if the swelling is serious enough to press against a nerve, then the pain aggravates much more.

Loss of Flexibility:

Another issue is of body flexibility. Due to lack of sufficient body movements, the ligaments and tendons tend to shorten and make muscles stiff. If the hamstring muscles get tightened over time, that plays a role in back pain as well.

The lower back muscles have to then bear extra strain for keeping the vertebra straight to support the body weight. This extra load on the lower back muscles will eventually wear them and pain will start.

Yoga can be a real good way to counter this issue of sedentary routine. The various poses of Yoga flexes and exercises your muscles thus keeping them flexible. It also helps to keep the bones and tissues well aligned.

But it needs to be ensured that the choice of Yoga poses is balanced enough to cater to the specific situation. If you are suffering from back pain then you need to avoid practicing those poses which have a lot of forward bending. It can hurt the back muscles more. Always listen to your body before continuing with your regime.

It’s really very important to get correct and authentic guidance or else the pain might necessarily not be gain for you. A good idea is to get a qualified Yoga instructor or join a Yoga institute.

Any qualified instructor will be able to recommend poses which will be beneficial to the lower back muscles and help you to alleviate the pain. It is vital that your core muscles and joints are strong and flexible to support your body weight. This way the back muscle will not be under constant pressure trying to keep your posture intact.

Excess Weight Gain:

With regular and religious practice of Yoga, with time, excess weight loss is highly probable. As mentioned earlier, your spinal chord is responsible to support major portion of the body weight. So excess weight is never a good news for your spinal bones and discs.

So, shedding extra weight will eventually decrease the possibility of the disc misalignments. Remember that when these small discs are in good order, susceptibility to back bone injury will be much less.

The breathing techniques of Yoga with each pose is another great characteristic. it improves the blood circulation of the body and helps cleanse toxins. Nutrient rich blood always needs to those parts which needs them the most like discs and ligaments of the joints. Yoga will help you achieve just that. Thus it is always stressed that Yoga has multidimensional benefits for holistic well being.

Now there may be reservations in mind of those who are actually suffering from back pain. But rest assured, that Yoga can be done slowly and in a controlled way without affecting the pain sensation. No other form of exercise can provide this convenience. Be it resistance training or cardio, they are in general physically quite demanding.

So shed your inhibitions once and for all. Yoga can be life changing choice to bid your back pain good bye for ever.