The Benefits Of Yoga For Pregnant Women

Prenatal yoga is the healthiest practice that a would be mum can ever undertake. Such yoga is a blessing in disguise for a mom to be. As it generates positive energy and help avoid physical difficulties that may come in her pregnancy pathway. Yoga for pregnant women is gaining increasing popularity throughout the world.

According to the renowned gynecologist, Robert Johnson, “Practicing yoga during pregnancy tenure helps you to attend a series of positive results. It makes your body stronger and helps it to adjust for supporting the changes that are internally taking place. By practicing the correct prenatal yoga postures. A mother can strengthen her lower body part which would support the enhancing belly”.

Yoga for pregnant womenYoga for pregnant women is particularly beneficial because it strengths the body and tones up the pelvic muscles. It looks after the abdominal core muscles, fortifies hips, and various other body parts. Let us know various benefits of prenatal yoga.

Here are the 8 Primary Reasons why Yoga for pregnant women is important.

1) Helps to have better connection with your baby

The prenatal yoga would constantly remind you of being pregnant. Certain yoga postures stimulate the physical changes. It makes you more comfortable during those nine month period. Moreover, various postures naturally prepare you for timely delivery. The mindful breathing postures of prenatal yoga help to lose in the body. It prepares the mother for a smooth delivery after nine months. It releases fear and tension and instills positively.

2) Regulate breathing

Sometimes breathing is more than just inhaling and exhaling air. The entire process of pregnancy and birth taking is directly linked with several mechanical functions related to breathing. Yoga instigates Ujjayi breathing that includes the diaphragm and abdominal body parts. Your muscles will relax as you breathe.

3) Strengthen the pelvic floor

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, yoga is helpful for pelvic muscles. Pelvic floor supports digestion and reproduction process more seriously than we can imagine. Pelvic floor forms the basis of intercourse.

Correct yoga postures evacuate any potential problem related to weekend pelvic floor. It cures the issues of painful intercourse and lower sexual satisfaction. It also helps cure constipation, stool incontinence and constant lower abdominal ache.

Similar to eyes, ear and nose, sexual organs also need to be stimulated in order to function with other body parts in a systematic manner. “If you want to enjoy a beautiful and deeper sex, then healing the reflex organs is really compulsory”.

Just like the base of the penis is the most sensitive part of a man, the cervix is the focal point of a woman. These should be synchronized in such a manner that the intercourse turns into an eternal bliss. For a better sexual position and comfort initiate Cat and cow postures.


4) Triggers satisfaction

The cervix of a woman, when stimulated through yoga postures, can create a better satisfaction. You don’t have to always encounter your partner sexually for generating the feeling of contentment. Sometimes, yoga techniques have their own role play.

5) Looks after the fetus posture

As the baby grows inside the womb, it needs a specific direction that would suit the delivery. Prenatal yoga postures work best during the third trimester. The simple yogic postures prevent any kind of abdominal weaknesses. It helps the baby to develop in the right way. Moreover, after the baby takes birth, the mother won’t have to suffer from the pain of separation. She can quickly regain her normal body structure and bring that ab back in shape.

6) Works eternally

The great yogi says “in order to achieve a painless delivery, begin with prenatal yoga much before the actual date”. You should mentally prepare yourself from beforehand. “It may sound like a lot of work, but then, you have to do this much if you seriously want to enjoy pregnancy”.

Yoga for pregnant women7) Releases stress

Saat Kriya is one of the best ways to release tension. Many of the yoga practitioners are a big fan of Saat Kriya Asana. It needs you to sit in a rock pose with the buttocks over the heels. Stretch the armpits and interlace all the fingers together. Keep the eyes shut and focus primarily on the brow point.

Breathe naturally and chant “sat nam” mantra loud. On ‘sat’, give a pull to your rectum. On ‘nam’, stress release yourself. Practice this for about 3-11 minutes and stretch your arms, rectum and naval point. Exhale and repeat for few more times.

Relax on your back after few minutes of exercising. You don’t have to do it for a lot of time. Just a few minutes each day are enough to attain strength and vitality.

8) Strengthened bone structure

The sense of comfort and flexibility during pregnancy is achievable only when you have a strong bone structure. Hormonal emanation during the child birth often softens joints and bones. However, with certain yoga postures, you can facilitate your joints and bones in the right way. Lung hips and knee bones are a major focus area of prenatal yoga. Once the bone structure becomes strong, it would be much easier for would be mum to reproduce a strong baby.

Get Professional Advice Before Starting Out

Practicing yoga or pregnant women is a good thing. However, you must keep a note that the overall duration doesn’t exceed more than 30 minutes. Besides, any particular posture that is laying stress over your body must be avoided. Practice any posture in the presence of expert guidance. A wrong posture can give you serious side-effects. Hire a certified professional or join the best prenatal yoga classes.